Board eyeing LED streetlighting

FLINT TWP. — The Flint Township Board of Trustees has signed an updated unmetered lighting agreement with Consumers Energy and is looking at a proposal to switch to LED streetlights.

The one-year renewable contract is to provide lighting service and equipment on public streets and highways and private property under mutual agreement.

The new contract reflects the outcome of a Consumers survey of street lights in Flint Township that found a discrepancy in the billing and the actual number of lights in use. The former bill was $33,766 for 2180 lights and the new billing will be $34,028 for 2217 lights.

The township has a mixture of incandescent, mercury vapor and high pressure sodium lights.

Consumers has Flint Township on its 2016 schedule to convert lights from mercury vapor to high sodium lights at no cost.

But Consumers also is proposing that the township take advantage of a one-time opportunity to convert to LED lighting for a variable fee of $81-$534 per light, said Kevin Keane, Consumers manager for governmental and public affairs, who presented the contract to the township board at its January 19 meeting.

Switching to LED lighting will ultimately reduce the township lighting bill, Keane said. As Mayor of Flushing, Keane said he is well aware of the budgeting significance of street light bills and the need to look at every opportunity to reduce electric costs.

The board did not take action on the proposed LED lighting but Supervisor Karyn Miler said they will consider the proposal.

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