Board proposing township-wide streetlight assessment district

FLINT TWP. — A resolution to spread the cost of street lighting to most township property owners, including residents living on unlit streets, is the subject of a public hearing set by the township board of trustees for its Monday, October 2 meeting.

The 7 p.m. hearing is to give notice of the board’s intent to formally establish a special assessment lighting district and to give public notice of anticipated costs and the establishment of a uniform method for the calculation of the special assessment. to each parcel owner.

If passed, based on historic costs, the assessment would add an estimated $34.28 to individual tax bills, not including administrative costs the township may incur.

The boundaries for the special assessment streetlighting district would be the same as the township’s boundaries, said Township Supervisor Karyn Miller.

Providing background for the proposed assessment, she said that from July 2016 through June 2017, Consumers Energy billed the town- ship $411,300 for 2,150 unmetered streetlight sites. In 2016 and prior to that, streetlight costs were not spread over all township parcels but only to 7,511 of them with billings ranging from $4.11 to $2948.

The districtwide assessment would be spread over11,998 eligible parcels with some exemptions including government buildings, educational institutions and properties under control of the Genesee County Landbank.

Trustee Frank Kasle questioned if the assessment would be passing on the cost of streetlights to all, whether or not they have streetlights on their street.

Miller said yes, under the rationale that those residents benefit from street lighting provided on major roads such as Corunna and Linden. She equated it to the road millage which is paid by all property owners though some of them live on dirt roads but also drive on paved roads in the township.

Miller also said that property owners could petition for a special assessment to have streetlights installed on their street.

The board voted unanimously to hold the public the hearing where residents will have the opportunity to speak on the proposed district before the board takes further action.

Miller said that costs and other information will be provided at the public hearing. She also said an additional public hearing will be held to set up the district, if approved.

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