Board releases PEG money to schools

FLINT TWP. — Just in time for Christmas, the township board, has released an allocation of Public, Educational or Governmental (PEG) funds to the three local school districts in the township.

The board approved release of $16,000 as follows:

Carman Ainsworth – $8,000

Swartz Creek – $4000

Flushing – $4,000

PEG funds are generated through an agreement with Comcast Cable to return a percentage of franchise fees to the community for public access TV programs. PEG funds are disbursed three or four times during a school year. Each school district is required to provide quarterly written reports to the township on how the funds are spent.

In its report, Carman- Ainsworth provided an update on the middle school broadcasting and computers program.

CAMS News Network (CNN) is currently being produced by 21 seventh and eighth-grade students enrolled in a class called Advanced Computers. The purpose of this class is to produce a news broadcast every Friday for the entire middle school. CNN covers sporting events, weather, school and local news, plays and robotics. The weekly report also is shown on Comcast.

CNN plans to use PEG funds to purchase television sets to be mounted in the hallways where students can view daily announcements while changing classes. CNN students created a PowerPoint for the daily announcements. Six more television sets are needed to be set up schoolwide to allow everyone in the school to view the daily PowerPoint.

CNN also hopes to use some of the funds to upgrade wiring in the classroom. Having a large amount of technical equipment in the classroom creates problems with cords and wires. Switching to wireless video cameras would help alleviate the problem by taking three main cords off the floor. Other wiring changes would place many more cords into walls and off the floor.

In its report, Swartz Creek summarized highlights of its visual communication program which currently has 69 students enrolled. Swartz Creek also uses its PEG funds to create a daily news show called Into the Creek. The broadcast includes school and community news. In one recent project, the students live-streamed events from the fall GearUP2Lead Conference at The Whiting. Students also held fundraisers to raise an additional $1,000 for the program that was spent on equipment repairs and software purchases.

Archived Into the Creek broadcasts can be viewed online at

A Flushing quarterly report was not provided.

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