Board revisits planning commission approvals

FLINT TWP. — Nominations for members of the Planning Commission at last week’s township board meeting might have seemed like deja vu.

Bit the issue came back again because proper procedure was not followed in the nominating process at the Feb. 4 board meeting, according to township labor attorney Steve Shultz.

He explained that board statutes allow only the supervisor to make nominations to the planning commission. The rest of the board can approve or deny those recommendations. If denied, it is up to the supervisor to nominate other people or to persuade enough other board members to vote for her recommendations.

At the past board meeting, nominations by Supervisor Karyn Miller were John Gazall, Randy Kilbreath, Warren Marks and Linda Patrick.

At that time, it was not made clear that only the supervisor could make nominations. So the board made substitutions. It reappointed John Gazall to a term ending in August 2015, appointed Warren Marks to a term also expiring in August 2015 and declined the nomination of Linda Patrick.

Miller was displeased with the outcome, calling it a set-up.

Recommendations Miller brought back to the board this week sought approval to appoint Randy Kilbreath to replace Dick Ruhala, for a term expiring August 2015; Warren Marks to replace Don Rowley, for a term expiring August 2014 and Linda Patrick to replace Shirley Jamison for a term expiring August 2015.

“What was done was not done properly; we are going to do this again,” MIller said in reference to the previous outcome.

Shultz said that he had talked to both MIller and Trustee Frank Kasle about what transpired at the last meeting and referenced the proper procedure according to statute.

Kasle said he accepted but did not necessarily agree with Shultz’ opinion but he did ask Miller if she would nominate Warren Marks to serve on the planning commission.

Miller said to Marks who was in the audience that she would like to see him on the Planning Commission because he attends to every board meeting.

The board approved Marks nomination 5-2 with Trustees Barb Vert and Belenda Parker voting against it.

But the nomination of Linda Patrick was denied 5-2, despite a copy of Patrick’s resume that Miller provided in response to trustees who voted against her last time because hey said they did not know anything about her.

Miller did not provide a recommend for another candidate instead of Patrick to fill the expiring term.

Shultz said that the person currently appointed, by statute, would continue to serve until a replacement is name. In the case of a resignation or retirement, the seat will remain vacant until a replacement is named.

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