Board settles contract with com-ops union

FLINT TWP. — The township board is in the middle of contract negotiations with five of its six unions but has come to terms with its the Police Department Communications Operators – Teamsters Local 214.

In a 5-2 vote at its Monday night meeting, the board approved an agreement that includes a new wage schedule for hourly rates paid to com-ops workers.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said most com-ops are part-time workers and their pay is comparatively low.

The newly approved pay scale, effective January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2017, will be $12.50 per hour for new hires, rising to $13 after one year of employment, $13.75 after three years and $14.50 after five years.

Those rates were 50 cents to $1 less than the union requested.

Trustees Belenda Parker and Barb Vert voted against the wage change.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said that two percent pay raises are on the bargaining table with its other unions but they are asking for more.

A 2 percent wage increase for each year of a two-year contract was included in a tentative agreement with AFSCME Local 1918-01 – the clerical union- but it was taken off the board’s agenda Monday night due to questions, Miller said.

Contract agreements still are pending with police command and patrol unions and fire full-time and on-call unions.

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