Board turns down offer for Dyewood Road property

FLINT TWP. — The Flint Township Board of Trustees has turned down a second offer to purchase 86.65 acres of property along Dyewood Drive, behind Dyewood Subdivision.

Crescent Construction Management offered $120,000 to purchase the property, where the company planned to build condominiums, houses and possibly apartments. The company also requested a 10-year tax abatement on developed property until sold.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said the township should look at selling the property for development in order to get it back on the tax rolls. But she said the offer was too low because the township assessor valued the property at $181,000 to $216,000 and the township should make a counteroffer.

Trustee Tom Klee was concerned about the roads in the area.

“If you want to develop this, you have to improve the roads,” he said. “We need to protect the roads and the investment the residents have made.”

Miller said she wants the development, but she agreed that the township wouldn’t want construction equipment on those roads. She suggested construction equipment be limited to accessing the property off of Calkins Road.

Klee reiterated that something more needed to be done to protect the roads in the area.

“If they’re willing to do it the right way, we should at least work with them,” Trustee Frank Kasle said.

Kasle made a motion to make a counteroffer of $182,000, drop the 10-year tax abatement and to have construction equipment use the entrance off Calkins Road.

The motion failed on a 4-3 vote with Trustees Barb Vert and Carol Pfaff-Dahl and Clerk Kathy Funk joining Klee in voting against the motion. Miller, Kasle and Trustee Lisa R. Anderson voted in favor of the motion.