Board votes to sell tax-reverted home back to occupant

FLINT TWP. — The Board of Trustees voted Sept. 17 to sell a tax-reverted property back to the woman who was originally buying it on a land contract from the owner.

The house, located at 2307 Utley Rd., was being purchased by Tammy Liversedge, who paid the landlord approximately $18.000 to purchase the home on a land contract and he failed to pay the taxes. The home was then taken by the Genesee County Landbank and Liversedge said she negotiated a deal with that agency to purchase the property.

When the property returned to the township, it began eviction proceedings on the family and had the sale have not been approved Monday, they were due back in court on Tuesday.

While the township agreed to honor the Landbank’s agreement, unfortunately, it cannot legally honor a land contract, as it would be considered extending credit.

Supervisor Karyn Miller brought the matter before the board, Sept. 17, asking the trustees to consider selling the property to Liversedge.

“It’s been devastating,” said Liversedge, addressing the board Monday night. “It’s been a roller coaster ride. My daughter is sick, my husband in on disability. We didn’t know where we were going to live.”

Miller said the family had already paid the Landbank money, which she could not recoup, nor can the township collect the money. Liversedge did have money placed in escrow after the township began eviction proceedings.

Determining there to be about $1,500 available, a motion was made to sell the property to Liversedge for that amount. It was approved by a 5-2 vote, Trustee Barb Vert and Treasurer Lisa Anderson voting against the sale.

“This is the right thing to do,” said Trustee Tom Klee. “I applaud you and your family.”

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