Boards says no again to advisory board pay

FLINT TWP. — For the second time in recent months, the township board has voted against pay for its Road Advisory Committee.

In a 5-2 vote, the board turned down a request to pay a per diem to the road advisory committee secretary.

Supervisor Karyn Miller, who voted in favor of the pay, said it was not requested by the committee members but was being asked as compensation for the secretary’s workload.

The position is currently held by John Whiteside but Miller said that whoever holds the position does a lot of work between keeping minutes and other duties.

She asked for a $50 per month flat pay rate for the secretary only.

Trustee Frank Kasle asked for clarification that the payment would be per month and not per meeting and he ultimately voted in favor of it.

But Trustee George Menoutes, who was among the majority voting no, asked if any other advisory board members received pay.

Clerk Kim Courts said no.

Trustee Barb Vert said she voted no because the cash-strapped township is trying to save money wherever it can. All members of the committee are unpaid volunteers, she said.

“Open that (pay) door and everyone will want it.”

Miller, who serves on the road advisory committee, said she made the request because she knows how much driving around is being done by committee members at their own expense.

The committee also was responsible for compiling a comprehensive Four- Year Road Improvement Plan that was unanimously approved by the township board last week. Months of work went into gathering information to compose the document.

At its Dec. 17 meeting, the township board voted 6-1 against a request for pay for the entire road advisory board. That request came from the advisory board and asked for $50 per meeting per member. The nine-member committee meets at least twice a month.

It was formed in 2006 when the township’s 10-year road millage was passed. Those funds cannot be use to pay them because they are strictly earmarked to be used only for road improvement and maintenance.

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