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The World Series is over and the Boston Red Sox are baseball’s champs in 2018. The Red Sox played the best baseball all season long and it carried over into October. The Boys of Beantown defeated two hundred-win teams in the New York Yankees and Houston Astros to put a stamp on their title. The hitting of the Red Sox was astronomical with two outs! I have never seen such clutch two-out baseball for that long of a stretch. My prediction of the Dodgers in seven looked really bad and here is why it ended up bad. The starting pitchers, Chris Sale and David Price of Boston, previous playoff failures, were absolutely brilliant against the Dodgers. These two pitchers avenged previous failures and will feel much better about their playoff careers now.

I rated the bullpen advantage to the Dodgers, who were tremendous against Milwaukee. Well, they stunk in the World Series. The fact Ryan Madson pitched in back-to-back nights to walk in runs with the bases loaded is a small fraction of the issues for L.A. The main thing I did not factor in was the managers. The Red Sox manager, Alex Cora, made all the right moves. The Dodgers’ manager, Dave Roberts, was a total debacle in the dugout. He made so many horrible choices and blunders I ask how is he a manager in the National League? To the Red Sox, I say congratulations. This young baseball team is in position for more World Series wins if they stay together.

Lions lay an egg

The Lions laid a serious home-game egg about the size of an ostrich. The Seattle Seahens dominated the football game for three-and-a-half quarters of football. The Lions took an early 7-0 lead and that was it for Lions excitement the rest of the way. The defense stunk against the run even with “Snacks,” the new defensive run-stopper acquisition. The pass defense stunk, as Russell Wilson finished with a perfect quarterback rating for the game. The special teams fumbled on a kickoff and changed the game, in my opinion, as Abdullah coughed up the rock. Man, can he fumble the football? “Yes,” is the answer to that question. The offense could not run the football one lick. Have we not seen that before Lions’ fans? The play of Stafford was below

average all game long. My first trip to Ford Field had me on the highway before the third quarter had ended. I should have stayed home! I was in my car and not even that upset as I have seen this show before so many times from the “Lie Downs” over the years. This was a must-win game and they totally no-showed. I thought this team was heading in the right direction, and the fork came in the road and they took the dead-end street once again. The Lions will take their act to Minnesota in a pivotal division game and hopefully they load the airplane ready to play some football. The Fat Guy prediction is Purple Horns 31 and Season Over Wait ‘Til Next Year 24.

Race on for college football

The college football playoff rankings came out Tuesday after this column was filed and, in my opinion, Alabama will be one, Clemson two, Louisiana State University three and Notre Dame four. The committee knows LSU plays Alabama this weekend and it will create much hype for the next four days in college football. I can guarantee that the original four will not be the final four at the end of the college football season. The Michigan State Spartans took care of Purdue last Saturday for a huge win. A big bounce-back after the loss to Michigan. The Spartans will head to Maryland for a high-noon tilt. I like the Spartans to pick up the road victory. The Wolverines will take on Penn State at the Big House, with kickoff at 3:45p.m. The Wolverines control their own playoff destiny if they can win out. They cannot afford a loss to PSU or they are done. I don’t think PSU is very strong and Michigan will take care of business at home. Hail to the Victors, 27-17.

SAN FRANCISCO -3 over Oakland
MINNESOTA – 4.5 over Detroit
CLEVELAND + 8.5 over Kansas City
BALTIMORE – 3 over Pittsburgh
CAROLINA – 6.5 over Tampa Bay
MIAMI – 3 over New York Jets
Atlanta + 1.5 over WASHINGTON
BUFFALO + 9 over Chicago
DENVER – 2.5 over Houston
SEATTLE – 1.5 over L. A. Chargers
NEW ORLEANS – 1 over L.A. Rams
Green Bay + 6 over NEW ENGLAND
Tennessee + 6.5 over DALLAS

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