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The college football season has one more game remaining here in 2010. The historic Army and Navy concludes the 2010 regular season and then it’s time to go bowling. The BCS Championship game will be played on January 10 between Oregon and Auburn. Can you believe the college season has been extended all the way to the tenth of January? I remember when January 1 was the final day of college football.

One thing bugging the heck out of me is the 13 teams who posted 6-6 records made bowl games. Thirteen .500 football teams! What a joke that is; a football team rewarded for winning half of its football games! I hate it and I love college football.

The bowl season actually kicks off with a pair of 6-6 teams on December 18. The New Mexico Bowl features BYU and UTEP; I can’t wait for that thriller! The BCS games are: Jan 1: Rose Bowl with Wisconsin and TCU. Fiesta Bowl with Oklahoma and Connecticut. Jan 3: Orange Bowl Stanford and Virginia Tech. Jan 4: Sugar Bowl with Ohio State and Arkansas.

All those games are tremendous matchups except the Fiesta Bowl, where Oklahoma will absolutely roll the Huskies of U-Conn. The Big Ten Conference will be represented well on January 1 as five teams will take the field that day. The Northwestern Wildcats take on Texas Tech. Joe Pa’s boys, Penn State, tangle with the Gators of Florida. Michigan State battles Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide. Michigan takes on Mississippi State. Wisconsin plays in the Grand Daddy of them all, the Rose Bowl.

A Big Ten extravaganza on New Year’s Day has the Spartans in the Capital One Bowl against a tough opponent in Alabama. We all know Saban coached at MSU and that will make an interesting sub plot. Let’s not forget Mark Dantonio was an assistant under Saint Nick. The Spartans are 11-1 and Bama 9-3, and yet Las Vegas has the Crimson Tide favored by 11 points. Go figure. I say no respect to the green and white, in my humble opinion. Give me the Spartys and the 11 points. Michigan playing on New Year’s Day is a joke. Mississippi State is a six-point favorite and will annihilate the Wolverines. Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen is a hot commodity and Rich Rod is on the hot seat. Two different types of hot, if you ask me. My biggest beef is the MSU kickoff is at 1 p.m. and Michigan’s is at 1:30.

The hot stove league has been stoked so far this winter. Jayson Werth backed up the Brinks truck and the Washington Nationals loaded it up with $126 million. Jayson is 32-years old and will be 39 when his seven-year $126 million deal expires. Come on, Werth is a good ball player, but he hit in a hitter-friendly park in Philadelphia. How much will Carl Crawford demand

now? How about Albert Pujols next season? I want to be a professional ball player! The Derek Jeter drama has concluded with a three-year $51 million dollar deal. Jeter was never heading anywhere else he is a Yankee for life. The whole thing should have never gone public and Jeter didn’t like that one bit.

The Albert Haynesworth saga has ended in Washington. The coach has suspended him for the rest of the season. What a joke Haynesworth has turned out to be. He cashed his April bonus of $20-some million and then cashed it in as a football player. The moral of the story is be careful who you invest your money on.

Speaking of cashing out, the Denver Broncos rolled Josh McDaniels out of Denver. Josh made numerous bad decisions as the head coach and he needed to go. The job was to overwhelming, and it showed. He was a terrible talent evaluator and that is what did him in. Spy gate didn’t help much either. Josh will get an assistant job somewhere in the NFL. My NFL lock picks are red hot again so pay attention NFL fans.

TENNESSEE + 3 over Indianapolis
Oakland + 5 over JACKSONVILLE
Cincinnati + 9 over PITTSBURGH
New England – 3 over CHICAGO
BUFFALO -1 over Cleveland
MINNESOTA + 3 over New York Giants
Green Bay – 7 over DETROIT
Atlanta – 7.5 over CAROLINA
WASHINGTON + 2 over Tampa Bay
NEW ORLEANS – 9.5 over St. Louis
Seattle + 4.5 over SAN FRANCISCO
NEW YORK JETS -5.5 over Miami
Denver – 3 over ARIZONA
SAN DIEGO – 7 over Kansas City
Philadelphia – 3 over DALLAS
Baltimore – 3 over HOUSTON
LAST WEEK: 7-9 SEASON: 95-86-10 LOCK: 8-4-1

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