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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The decision to take his talents to South Beach has paid LeBron James and the Miami Heat huge dividends. The “Big Three” have accomplished what everyone thought they would by reaching the NBA Finals. This is what LeBron, Bosh and Wade envisioned six months ago.

I know many thought earlier in the season that it didn’t look like it would happen, as the Heat struggled on the hardwood. The problem was Lebron was trying to distribute the basketball and get his teammates involved. LeBron finally figured out he just needed to take over the games himself. LeBron did that and the Heat has been tough to beat ever since.

The mission, however, has not been completed just yet. The Dallas Mavericks still stand in the Heat’s way. NBA fans, do not count out this Dallas team. Remember, in 2006, Dallas lost in the NBA Finals to the Heat and Mr. Wade and Shaq Daddy. Heck, Dallas owned a 3-1 lead in the series before blowing it. I believe Dirk Nowitzki will have a little extra motivation because of that implosion in 2006. Call me crazy, but I think the Mavericks can actually win this series if a few things go right for them.

One of the things is Dirk needs to play like a superstar every single game. Shawn Marion needs to negate Miami’s Chris Bosh inside the paint. It would help Dallas if Dewyane Wade stays in his basketball funk. I am also curious to see if LeBron will guard Dirk or not? I hope he does, because I want to see that matchup. Dallas has underachieved numerous times in the last decade! Could this be the year it overachieves and bring home an NBA title? Probably not.

Dallas will give the Heat all it wants and the series will go seven games. I want Dallas to win, but in the end, Lebron James will win his first NBA Championship ring. He will then take his talents to a South Beach jeweler to be fitted for a ring.

Swinging door

While on the subject of hoops, it doesn’t sound good for Pistons’ coach John Kuester. A whirlwind of rumors suggests he will be fired as the Pistons’ coach.

I think he really needs to go. The Q’s record is 57-107 as coach of the Pistons. The record is brutal and the players have tuned him out, including boycotting practice this season. The RIP Hamilton situation was handled like third-grade situations are handled.

Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not all Kuester’s fault. The players shoulder some responsibility along with Joe Dumar’s bad basketball decisions. If the Pistons were a car they need to be in a chop shop torn down and totally rebuilt.

Moth balls

The sweater vest has been put in the closet at Ohio State, as Jim Tressel has resigned as OSU’s head football coach. It was a resignation that had to be turned in by sweater vest. The “Vest” lied to the NCAA numerous times and then tried to cover up the lies. That’s an absolute no-no as a head coach. The NCAA frowns upon being lied to. Jim Tressel also used illegal players in games knowing those players were illegal. The sanctions coming against OSU are going to be harsh and probation looms for the Buckeye nation. The Michigan fans can smile and enjoy the downward spiral OSU will now be on. I hate to toot my own horn, but I have told you the two dirtiest programs were USC and OSU! I was actually right for a change!! Good going Fat Guy, you master prognosticator.

Ending the drought

The Stanley Cup has an originalsix team and a Oh Canada team in the NHL Finals. The Boston Bruins, who have not won a Stanley Cup since 1972 are looking to end that long drought. The Vancouver Canucks have never hoisted Lord Stanley in their franchise history. Who will get to skate with the Holy Grail as winners? I am sticking by my hockey sticks and the Vancouver Canucks. I liked them from the start of the playoffs and they have not disappointed me. Canada, hockey is your sport and the Stanley Cup is coming to Canada. Enjoy it!!

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