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Breaking the law gets student expelled

FLINT TWP. — A state-mandated expulsion was among four student disciplinary actions approved this week by the Carman-Ainsworth Board of Trustees.

Expelled students are not identified by name and details of their offenses are not disclosed. But Student D was expelled for violating the student code of conduct and breaking state law.

Superintendent Bill Haley said a state-mandated expulsion is prompted by four causes: arson, weapons possession, criminal sexual conduct or assault of a school employee.

Student A was also expelled and students B and C were suspended for the remainder of the school year for violating the Student Code of Conduct.

Trustee Peggy Anderson urged Haley to actively pursue legal charges against one of the disciplined students.

Haley said generally when the district presses charges, in most cases it leads to a ticket to appear in court or in front of a referee. Occasionally he calls a judge or the prosecuting attorney to seek intervention.

He said he would be following up with the legal system on the matter.

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