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The Detroit Tigers’ baseball season officially closed on Sunday. The Baltimore Orioles completed the threegame sweep with a 2-1 victory over the listless hitting kitty cats. The series was a complete and horrendous disaster. The bullpen was atrocious, which of course comes as no surprise if you watched this team’s bullpen failures all season long. Joe Nathan was the biggest waste of money ever spent in the last 10 years. The Soria deal was a total waste of cash and a trade that will go down as a total bust. Joba “Grizzly Adams” Chamberlain should go hang out in the woods. Phil “Coke and a smile” watch the opposing team hit it a country mile. He needs to be gone, too. Al “I’ll Be A Turkey” gives up home runs like they are his favorite charity.

The bullpen became a bunch of SIGHS and the starting pitchers of three CYs failed terribly. We can all say goodbye to Max “Not so Sure- Zer”. The Tigers cannot afford to sign him. We all have to wonder when Mr. Pizza is going to quit spending money on this ball club and just keep buying stuffed pizza crusts. The bottom of the line up was nothing but AOs! That being short for automatic outs.

How can the Tigers realistically keep putting Alex Avila behind the dish? I mean, he is a disgrace to the catching position. Alex does have a special cereal he eats every morning; it’s called Special K! He eats it and gets a toy bat as a toy. Let’s just say the Tigers have a lot of decisions to make this off-season!

I wonder, just wonder, if we haven’t already seen the best of this team and the free fall out of the American League Central is right around the corner. The Kansas City Royals look like the real deal and they are who I am rooting for to win the World Series. My last rant is Brad Ausmus. Grade this season as a solid C for the regular season and an E for the playoffs. The pulling of Annibal Sanchez put the Fat Guy in the Jenny Craig program!! It was the dumbest move of the playoffs by any manager by far. I hope the Detroit Tigers have Ron Gardenhire on speed dial. He knows how to manage and has done it with not always a lot of talent. Hey, Tigers, thanks for another choke job. Enjoy the winter because your fans won’t!

His days are numbered

How about Michigan with another stellar loss to powerhouse Rutgers?

Why is the Fred Flintstone look-alike Brady Hoke still stalking the sidelines clapping his hands like someone just bought him the clapper for a present? How much more do Michigan fans have to endure? This program now ranks as a second tier program and it’s downright disgraceful. A Big Ten laughing stock is what they have become and a National one, too. Go Blue now means the color of all Michigan fans’ faces as they hold their breaths when watching this team play!

Digging deep

Michigan State won a huge game against Nebraska on Saturday night. Sparty had a huge lead and tried to blow it. However, they didn’t, and that is what counts. I really believe with all these upsets in college football Michigan State can reach the fourteam playoffs. Keep it up and let’s Sparty On!

Same old…

The Lions pulled a same-old-Lions move losing at home to the Buffalo Bills 17-14. I was there and the game was boring and ugly. Ooops.. this just in, the Lions missed a field goal! What a joke that has become. Jason, where are you? Please un-retire! I beg you, please!

Short stack: The Detroit Red Wings open up on Thursday at home against the Boston Bruins! Glad to have the hockey season starting; more on them next week.

Here are this week’s NFL picks….
HOUSTON +3 over Indianapolis
Denver – 8 over NEW
CLEVELAND – 2 over Pittsburgh
TENNESSEE – 6 over Jacksonville
ATLANTA – 3 over Chicago
MIAMI +3 over Green Bay
Detroit -2over MINN.
Carolina + 7 over CINC.
N.England -3 over BUFFALO
TAMPA BAY + 3 over Baltimore
OAKLAND + 7 over San Diego
SEATTLE – 8 over Dallas
ARIZONA -3.5 over Washington
N.Y. Giants +3 over PHILA.
ST. LOUIS + 3.5 over San Fran.
LAST WEEK: 7-8 SEASON: 41-34-
1 BEST BET: 3-2

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