Budget amended to cover demo costs

FLINT TWP. — A 2014 budget amendment to cover the cost of tearing down two fire damaged buildings was approved by the township board at its Dec. 15 meeting.

“We have court orders to tear them down but are unable to get grant dollars to fund them,’’ said Tracey Tucker, economic enhancement and building director. She also said the owners can’t pay.

One is a house at 1106 Lask that was heavily damaged in a fire in February. The other is a apartment building at 3517 Ridgecliffe, damaged in a fire in the spring, Tucker said.

Total demolition cost is $19,986 of which $9,990 is for Ridgecliff and $9996 is for Lask.

“The only way for these to come down is to pay for them to come down,” Tucker told the township board The homes are not located in Community Development Block Grant eligible areas and do not quality for any grant funding, she said.

The demolition costs will be liened to the properties, she said. Owners of Ridgecliff walked away and owners of Lask are handicapped senior citizens who live elsewhere and were renting the house out, she said.

Tucker obtained quotes from four contractors to do the work. Efficient Demolition Inc. of Davison had the lowest bid and has done previous demo work for the township on nine buildings torn down at the condemned Brookstone Apartment complex off Flushing Road.

Part of the cost for Lask includes plugging a well, removing remains of a 2,050 square-foot house and garage, foundation removal and backfill.

Demo costs for Ridgecliff includes capping water and sewer lines, demolishing

2,600 square foot apartments, basement and foundation and backfilling the basement.

The township board approved taking the requested funding from the general fund budget and moving it to property maintenance in the building department.

Trustee Frank Kasle asked if there was any hope of recovering the cost. Tucker said possibly if the properties sold in a tax sale.

She said the buildings can be torn down by January 3.

She said the township saved some money on the projects because each came back under $10,000 in the low bid. At a higher cost than that, they would have to be sent out as sealed bids which itself cost a couple of thousand dollars.

Other bid quotes for both projects were $21,460, $23,800 and $$39,000 but the cost per unit was not disclosed.

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