Budget drain — Twp. approves basin repairs

FLINT TWP. — The township board approved repairs of seven catch basins costing up to an estimated $22,000.

“This has to be fixed because they are failing and the road will sink down,’’ Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said before the board’s unanimous vote, authorizing the work by the Genesee County Road Commission.

The basins are located on Old Colony, T.A. Mansour Blvd., at the intersection of Hyde Park and Staunton, on Commerce Drive, at Shelby and Linden Roads (south side of entrance); and Shelby and Linden roads (north side of entrance; and at the southwest corner of Monticello and Mt. Vernon Pass.

Because they are local roads, repair costs will be shared between the township and the road commission, according to an advisory letter from Anthony Branch, road commission director of maintenance.

Repair costs may require amending the road fund budget, according to an advisory from Miller to the township board.

Total estimates for the work range from a low of about $11,200 to a high of $22,400.

Costs vary based on the amount of work necessary ranging from a low of $1,400 to a high of $2,800 for most roads, Repair estimates are highest for four basins on Mansour Blvd. with the low estimate at $5,600, including $2,800 as the township’s share, up to $11,200 with $5,600 as the township’s share.

Total repair estimates for each of the remaining six locations range from a low of $2,800 to a high of $5,600, with either $1400 or $2,800 as the township’s share.

A road commission foreman inspected all the catch basins and determined that repairs were needed.

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