C-A board hears schools of choice report

FLINT TWP. — Carman- Ainsworth is the school district of choice for 771 students who live outside of its boundaries, according to a report from assistant superintendent Russ Parks.

Those students are 17.3 percent of total enrollment.

The Schools of Choice (SOC) program allows non-resident students to apply to enroll in district other than where they live.

School districts get to decide whether to participate in Schools or Choice. C-A participates in the GISD Collaborative Schools of Choice Program.

C-A’s SOC application period for 2013-14 was held in late spring of 2013.

Parks said the district received 552 applications and accepted 444, about 80 percent of those applying. Ultimately, 368, about 67 percent, of those approved actually enrolled in September, Parks said.

A breakdown of applications by building showed the largest number of applications for the middle school (159) and the high school (198).

The data included the number of students denied for behavioral reasons (72), those who were accepted but then moved into the district (7) and those not accepted who moved into the district (3).

Data showed 47 SOC students enrolled at Dillon Elementary School, 88 at Dye Elementary, 97 at Randels Elementary, 33 at Rankin Elementary, 205 at the middle school and 301 at the high school.

In a related matter, Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff told the school board that he would not be recommending participation in SOC enrollment during the second semester, as some school districts are reportedly doing.

“It is best for children to remain where they are instead of jumping around schools (during the school year),’’ he said.

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