C-A board ratifies two contracts

FLINT TWP. — The Carman- Ainsworth Board of Education settled contracts with two groups of employees.

A ratified contract with the Transportation union (school bus drivers) is similar to ten-percent cost savings reached in contracts with other bargaining units earlier this year.

It calls for a 9.89 percent in concessions overall which includes an 8 percent salary reduction. The contract also removed two paid holidays and eliminates pay for the first two snow days.

Bus drivers were among labor groups who also made concessions for the 2012-13 school year in order to keep their jobs. The school board took bids in a serious look at outsourcing the service to save money.

The new contract is good for three years.

In separate action, the board also approved an agreement with the Bendle-Carman Ainsworth Education Association (BCA).

This group works for the BCA Consortium which provides a joint alternative education program and were previously categorized as Bendle employees.

C-A is taking over this year as the fiduciary for the consortium and therefore had to establish a contract with the teachers, said Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff.

The previous contract expired August 31, 2012. The new agreement is for two years to avoid being locked into a three year contract, if adjustments are needed sooner, Tunnicliff said.

He noted that BCA teachers have received the same salary since 2011- 12.

They will resume movement on the salary schedule this year and next year with no changes.

Next year, instructional days for the consortium, by law, must be increased from 170 days to 175 days. Also, the 30 hours of professional development time can no longer be counted as instructional time which will result in more time and days on next year’s salary schedule.

The agreement also calls for adding a planning period to the schedule which BCA teachers have never had. In return, an extra class period has been added to the schedule to allow students to earn eight credits during a school year.

The agreement calls for the addition of an approximately two percent longevity payment for teachers who have reache their eleventh year.

Arrangements have been made for BCA employees to transfer their HealthPlus medical coverage to C-A. They are moving from “hard cap” benefits at Bendle to an 80/20 plan at C-A, resulting in reduced out-ofpocket costs for all employees from last year to this year.

The agreement also notes that the BCA Consortium experienced an enrollment increase from 2011-12 to 2012-13, primarily because the of the moving the Atlantis Alternative Education High School from its former Dort Highway location to west side of town at the former Woodland Elementary School. Similar enrollment growth is anticipated again for this school year.

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