C-A board takes home honors from association

FLINT TWP. — Among awards presented at the Genesee County Association of School Board Members meeting on April 28, the Carman- Ainsworth Board of Education received recognition as an Honor Board for the 16th year in a row.

Superintendent Bill Haley said Carman- Ainsworth was one of five of the 21 school districts in the county to earn the distinction. It shows a consistent effort,

“It shows how we take care of our business,” Haley said.

Professional development programs provided by the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) offers many classes to board members aimed at increasing their knowledge about the legal,ethical and instructional responsibilities related to being a school board member, Haley said. “Our Board has a long history of taking full advantage of those learning opportunities, and MASB recognizes that effort,” he said.

Ann Saunders, Carman-Ainsworth’s newly-reelected board trustee, also received an award for achieving Level 1 & 2 certification.

Other awards handed out by Kathy Hayes, MASB Executive Director, included:

Goodrich School District, Lynne Morisette — Level 1

Grand Blanc School District, Curtis Jablonski — Level 1 & 2, Renee Peel — Advocacy Skills Specialty Award and Martin James Ray — Master Board Member Award

Swartz Creek Schools, Brian Sepanak — Master Board Member Award

Bendle Schools, Debra Dunsmore — Level 1 and David Wallace — Master Board Member Award Davison Schools, Dale Green — President’s Award of Recognition.

Similarly, for the fifth year in a row, the Genesee Intermediate School District’s (GISD) Board of Education earned the following awards for its achievement in the MASB Certified Board Member Awards program and for its leadership at the local, state and national levels:

 Honor Board

 Standard of Excellence

Distinguished Achievement Award

The GISD Board received special recognition as the only board in the state where all board members have earned their Master Diamond Award Certification, according to a press release. This is the first time this distinction has ever been given by MASB to a board of education. It is presented when a board member achieves a Level 5 Certification by completing levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 with fourteen advanced 200-level CBA classes and a minimum of 528 education credits.

For the fifth year in a row, the GISD board was recognized as one of only three boards of education in the state of Michigan to earn the Distinguished Achievement Award, and only one of two ISD boards to receive this honor. This award is earned when each of the GISD’s board members has attained a Master Board member level of achievement by completing MASB Certification Levels 1, 2. and 3 plus a total of nine advanced classes and a minimum of 368 education credits.

The GISD Board was also recognized as one of 15 boards (one of only four ISD boards) to achieve the Standard of Excellence Award. This award is for boards that have all of its members having received the Award of Merit (each board member must reach Level 2 Certification). The GISD Board was one of 22 boards (one of only four ISD boards) in the state to receive the Honor Board Award, which is given to boards when all board members achieve certification status (each board member must reach Level 1 Certification).

GISD board members Jerry G. Ragsdale, vice president, and Dale A. Green, trustee, were two of only four individuals who earned the President’s Award of Recognition. This award is presented when a board member achieves a Level 7 by completing levels 1 through 6 with 29 advanced classes and a minimum of 1,383 education credits.

Treasurer Cindy A. Gansen was one of only two who completed the Master Platinum Award Certification. This award is presented when a board member achieves a Level 6 by completing five levels with 19 classes and a minimum of 813 education credits. — Rhonda S. Sanders

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