C-A parents start Positive Parents Network

FLINT — Parents of Carman- Ainsworth students in grades 8-12 are invited to the next meeting of the Positive Parents Network, at 6 p.m. April 14 in the Media Room at the high school.

Formed in January, with support and encouragement from the high school principal and assistant principal, the group’s purpose is to network with all parents to help their children and support each other, said Joy Hart, a member.

Hart has a daughter in the 11th grade and also is a CA school board trustee.

“We all go through the same issues, we all have struggles as parents,” she said.

The group held its first social event in mid-March – a dinner followed by attendance at the high school musical “Hairspray.” A newsletter was sent out prior to that event.

The group’s next event will be discussed at the upcoming meeting, Hart said, noting that the group is hoping to establish itself before electing officers.

They also want to reach out to parents of eighth-graders at the Middle School to make them aware of the group as their children come into the high school next fall.

Another goal is to establish a Resource Room to help parents feel more comfortable about coming come into the high school. A goal is to make computers available for those who need one to access websites where they can keep tabs on their children’s grades. Hart said.. Other resources might include help writing a resume help.

“Anything to help the parents be more positive so they can be more positive for their kids,” Hart said. “We are trying to empower each other as parents to help with our kids education.”

Very few high schools have parents clubs like this one, outside of booster clubs for sports and band activities, Hart said.

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