C-A scholarship supports dual-enrollment students

FLINT TWP. — For the first time ever, Carman-Ainsworth High School students will be able to take college courses without leaving the building.

In partnership with the University of Michigan-Flint, C-AHS will offer seniors a 13-college credit Pre- Engineering Program and a 13-college credit Medical Science Program.

And through a second collaboration with Mott Community College, C-AHS juniors and seniors can enroll in several courses, stemming from a Federal STEM Early College Expansion Program Grant. Course offering include American Sign Language, African-American History, and Forensic Anthropology – also offered on site at the high school.

“These programs are tremendous opportunities for our students that eliminate the common barriers of transportation and extra-curricular activities that often keep our students from accessing dual enrollment options,” said C-A Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff.

So far 44 students are enrolled in these programs with the opportunity to earn 527 college credits. Combined with C-As summer Accelerated Graduation Opportunity (AGO) program, a total of 68 students will earn 628 college credits while still in high school.

Sweetening the deal, the Carman- Ainsworth Education Foundation (CAEF) recently approved a $500 scholarship for each C-AHS student enrolled in the onsite dual enrollment programs.

CAEF is an independent non-profit organization formed to support C-A school initiatives.

“This generous scholarship to each of our students involved in this program is a tremendous step in significantly reducing financial barriers for families taking advantage of our onsite dual enrollment initiatives,” Tunnicliff said.

Beginning this school year, about 15 C-AHS seniors will be enrolled in the UM-Flint Pre-Engineering or Medical Science courses.

Although most of dual enrollment costs are covered for families by a proration of the school district’s foundation allowance from the State of Michigan, students and families are responsible for the remaining costs.

“Our intent is that these scholarships are just the beginning,” said Peggy Anderson, Foundation President. “Our goal is to ensure that all costs are covered for Carman-Ainsworth High School students who wish to challenge themselves with these tremendous opportunities.”

University of Michigan-Flint Chancellor Susan E. Borrego expressed delight about the scholarship announcement and the dual-enrollment partnership.

“Establishment of this scholarship will be crucial for students interested in participating in our dual- enrollment programs and thereby enhancing their chances of pursuing college education,” she said.

“A number of studies have shown high school students who enroll in college classes while in high school significantly improve their chances of pursuing a college degree and persisting.”

As for MCC, all tuition costs associated with this 14–credit program are covered through the district’s prorated foundation allowance.

As a result of these new programs combined with C-A’s existing partnerships with Baker College of Flint (Carman Park-Baker Career Academy), 93 students across the district will be on track to earn 768 college credits while still in high school.

“By hosting college courses on our high school campus, and by working to reduce or eliminate financial obstacles, we are finding that many students and families want the challenge of taking high school and college courses at the same time, we just need to eliminate barriers.” Tunnicliff said.

“Program options are increasing each year, and are literally changing the culture of our schools.” — Rhonda Sanders

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