C-A schools gauging how well parents are monitoring social media


FLINT TWP. — Between texting, tweeting, and posting online, today’s young people spend a lot of their time using social media — for better and for worse.

The question arises how well parents are monitoring their children’s online behavior on sites including Facebook, Twitter, Ask.fm and Instagram. And do parents use these sites themselves or want to know how to use them and how to monitor their children’s use.

Carman-Ainsworth Schools administrators want answers to those questions and are circulating a survey to gain insight.

The survey is accompanied by a video clip posted on the school website of Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff talking about the pros and cons of social media in children’s lives.

“A lot of times they (kids) don’t understand that when they post, tweet or text something, that it goes out to potentially the whole world and it is difficult to remove what they send out,” Tunnicliff said.

The survey asks if a child has his or her own account on the social media sites, how often they use it and how familiar parents are with using them.

For parents interested in learning more about using social media tools, the survey probes whether they would prefer getting this information in a free workshop, via video or in written form such as the online CA Happenings link.

Parents also are asked what other social media topics they want to know more about including how to monitor their child’s online activities.

The survey can be found at www.carmanainsworthhappenings.com/poll or www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1536529/Learn-More- About-Social-Media.

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