C-A schools make Adequate Yearly Progress

FLINT TWP. — All Carman- Ainsworth schools passed AYP this year, which is especially good news following the high school’s failure to pass last year.

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is a annual performance assessment mandated by the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Each school district must meet targeted achievement goals in reading and math.

Last year, the high school fell short of the mark for the second year in a row and faced interventions if it did not pass muster this year.

“I really can’t tell you exactly what we did to make AYP this year that we didn’t do last year other than that we tried to work on learning gains for all students,” Superintendent Bill Haley said during last week’s school board meeting.

“ We want all our students to improve and grow in reading, writing, math and basic skills so we made it this year and I can’t tell you exactly why. It wasn’t like we had a tricky little play that we used an all of a sudden we made AYP.’’

He called making AYP across the board a positive thing and praised the hard work of teachers and other staff in the effort.

But he also took issue with the fact that AYP is based largely on proficiency measures which does not account for growth over a period of time. Some students coming through the door in two weeks already are proficient and would pass the MEAP test or other assessment on day one, he said.

To that end, the district is working to establish its own accountability system, he said. The board spent most of the meeting looking at data collected in the past year including student attendance and behavior measurements.

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