C-A Schools see enrollment drop larger than expected

FLINT TWP. — Fall student count day held on Wednesday, October 4 in schools statewide, showed that enrollment in the Carman-Ainsworth district dropped more than 200 students since the same time last year.

The count taken last week was 4,064 compared to 4,237 in the February 2017 count and 4,296 in October 2016 – a loss of 173 and 232 students, respectively.

C-A officials budgeted for an anticipated student loss of 70 students for the 2017- 18 school year and must now make adjustments accordingly in coming months, said Russ Parks, assistant superintendent.

Those count numbers are for C-A’s traditional K-12 programs. The district also serves as the fiscal agent for several alternative programs including Genesee Early College and the Michigan Merit Curriculum. Including those programs brought C-A’s total enrollment count to 4,772 for the fall count last week, compared to 4,957 in February and 5,066 in October 2016.

Parks added that these numbers will probably decline over the count 30 period, which allows students to be counted if they return within the 30 calendar days following count day.

These count numbers are important because the amount of state-aid a district receives I based on student enrollment.

Parks also provided data showing a steady enrollment decline in recent years. In traditional K-12 programs, district enrollment stood at 4,357 in February 2016; 4,339 in October 2015; 4,259 in February 2015 and 4,332 in October 2014. That means the district lost 268 students between October 2014 and October 2017.

The total enrollment count including alternative programs, dipped from 5,117 in October 2014 to 5,089 in October 2015; to 5,066 in October 2016.

The Spring Count will be held on February 14, 2018. Spring counts occur on the second Wednesday in February and represent 10% of state funding. Fall counts are taken on the first Wednesday in October and represent 90% of state funding.

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