C-A seeking bids for secretarial services

FLINT TWP. — Outsourcing secretarial staff is on the table this year in Carman-Ainsworth’s ongoing effort to cut costs.

The district has issued a Request for Proposals (RFPs) to fill 34 positions – six at the administration building, eight at the high school including the athletics department; three at the middle school and at each elementary school, three for special services, two in the transportation building, and one each at The Learning Community and the Service Center.

The RFPs are due back June 7 and include a disclaimer reserving the district’s right to accept or reject all offers, divide it between contractors and reject the lowest bidder.

Last year, the district looked at outsourcing its bus drivers and janitorial staff but decided, after contract negotiations, to retain their services.

“The purpose for seeking an RFP for secretarial services is the same as for all other non-instructional services that we already sent an RFP out for (custodial, transportation, and food service),” said Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff, in a statement. “The hope and intent of the District is to be able to keep all employees as Carman-Ainsworth employees. However, just as was the case with my concessions and those of the teachers, significant reduc- tions in costs will be necessary from all employees if we are to become fiscally stable.”

The RFP for secretarial services includes a lengthy list of requirements including criminal background checks and fingerprinting of potential contracted employees.

Requirements include confidentiality, and equal employment opportunity clauses. It stipulates minimum qualifications, essential job duties, a dress code, conduct codes such s non-fraternization with staff, students or visitors and no smoking or alcohol us on school grounds.

School secretaries are the center of school functions. According to provided job description, they assist the principal, greet the public, answer phones, sort and distribute mail, prepare calendars, flyers and newsletters, assist with graduation preparations, coordinate conferences, field trips and substitute teacher coverage, administer daily health needs, prepare pre-registration packets and process official documents, among other duties.

Contracted staff would fill full-time and part-time positions from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., depending on location, for 36 to 49 weeks per year.

The initial contract term is for oneyear, beginning approximately Aug. 1, and renewable in additional one-year increments.

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