C-A sends out another suspicious stranger alert

FLINT TWP. — To keep parents and others aware of potential danger for students, Carman-Ainsworth Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff issued a suspicious stranger alert last week which was at least the third one so far this school year.

The Feb. 17 advisory provided information about a reported suspicious vehicle that slowly followed a high school student from their bus stop at Taft Road and Anoka Street for an extended period of time,

The driver was described as a 20 -30 year old white male driving a navy blue four -door sedan with a black suede roof.

Flint Township Police are aware of this incident and recommends that any student or parent who observes suspicious activity involving a car matching this description should call 911 to report it.

“Our intent is to raise awareness of this particular situation but also to remind you to talk with your children about strangers, the importance of being aware of their surroundings, and the value in always walking with others,” Tunnicliff said.

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact the school’s principal.

Last month, Tunnicliff issued a similar alert regarding a suspicious vehicle observed prior to the start of school in the parking lot of Rankin Elementary School. The driver of the grey Chevrolet Malibu was described as an older white male. The person did not make contact with students or staff and left without incident.

Usually, the presence of an unidentified person in a car is not cause for concern, but Mundy Township Police were reporting a suspicious older male in a car fitting that description seen driving through neighborhoods in Mundy Township and the surrounding area, Tunnicliff said.

“Therefore we deemed it appropriate to communicate with out parents,” he said.

Tunnicliff issued a similar school safety notice in mid-October after middle-school student reported being approached by a stranger at a bus stop near Cambridge Square Apartments on Mill Road between Beecher and Flushing roads. The student was offered a ride by a male driving a light blue four-door compact. The driver was described as about age 50, wearing glasses and alone in the vehicle. The student declined the ride and the stranger drove away. Flint Township Police were also informed of that incident and safety notices were sent home with students.

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