C-A Superintendent sends parents notice about improper APP

FLINT TWP. — An inappropriate social media application (APP) being accessed by students in Genesee County prompted Carman-Ainsworth Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff to post an alert to parents and guardians to check their children’s electronic content.

The “highly inappropriate” APP is called afterschoolapp.com, Tunnicliff said.

“This free app is advertised as being rated for ages 12 and over, yet is completely inappropriate, especially for students. Although the app is called “After School-

Funny Anonymous School News For Confessions and Compliments,” it is in NO way affiliated, endorsed or organized by Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools.”

He further explained that the app allows unsubstantiated “anonymous posts” that are hurtful to everyone involved.

“Therefore, it is important that, as parents, we have an honest and direct conversation with our children about appropriate and inappropriate uses of social media,” he said. “Moreover, we strongly encourage you to review your child’s social media activities and to delete this offensive and hurtful app immediately. The icon for this app is a tiger wearing yellow striped sunglasses. “

Tunnicliff expressed reservations about drawing more attention to the APP by sending the notice but said the unsuitable situation serves as an important reminder that parents need to be diligent about monitoring their children’s social media activities.

“Clearly this particular app is extremely inappropriate and hurtful,” he said. “Unfortunately, we know that new ways will be discovered that allow people to be hurtful in an anonymous fashion. As parents we can combat this behavior by teaching our children about the responsible and appropriate uses of social media and by constantly monitoring their social media activity.” — Rhonda Sanders

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