CAHS 10th-grader is county spelling bee finalist

FLINT TWP. — Of eight Carman- Ainsworth High School spelling bee winners representing grades 9-12, one student has emerged as a finalist in the Genesee County Regional Championship Bee to be held Monday, March 16 at the Erwin L. Davis Education Center. 2413 W Maple Ave.

That finalist is Hamza Jafari, a tenth grader, who will compete for the grades ninth–12 trophy, according to a press release.

Two division champs will be crowned at the 2015 Glenowyn L. Jones Championship Spelling Bee. A single winner each will emerge from grades nine through 12, held at 6 p.m. and grades 5 through 8, to be held at 7 p.m.

The winner of each division receives the honor of displaying the Glenowyn L. Jones Championship Spelling Bee Trophy at his/her home school for one year.

The Genesee County Regional Spelling Bees are sponsored by the Genesee Intermediate School District, coordinated by Genesee Intermediate School District’s Office of Education and Learning, and Glenowyn L. Jones.

The annual spelling bees are designed to help students develop correct English language skills, improve spelling ability and increase their vocabularies.

For Hamza, the winning word was lettuce. Second and third runners-up, respectively, in the 10th-grade bee were Austin Lannon of Hamady High School in Westwood Heights and Tristan Cady of Flushing High School.

For anyone planning to attend the championship contest, spectator rules include that no small children are allowed to watch the bee to avoid causing any disturbances that might distract the spellers.

Also cell phones and pagers must be turned off before the Bee starts because those too have caused distractions at past contests.

No photos are to be taken during the Bee but are allowed before or after the contest and while the students are introducing themselves.

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