CAHS relaxes cell phone ban

FLINT TWP. — Cell phone use by students is widely banned in schools during the day but Carman-Ainsworth High School is trying out a more lenient plan.

As of last Monday, CAHS is piloting a policy that allows students to use cell phones during school hours with some restrictions.

In a letter posted on the high school web site, principal Rory Mattar said that the new policy has been sought after by students and thoroughly discussed by administrators.

“We have decided to run a cell phone pilot, which will allow students to use their cell phones in the morning before school starts and during lunchtime,” Mattar wrote. “In both cases however, we will restrict the usage to the cafeteria area only.”

The new policy allows cell phones to be used before the 7:20 a.m. start bell and during the student’s lunch period. Usage remains banned from the hallways, in classrooms and anywhere else in the building besides the cafeteria.

CAHS administrators will test the new policy until the end of the semester then decide whether to continue it or revert back to the former policy banning phones during the school day .

Mattar said that decision will be based on the number of violations occurring during the test period.

Under the new policy, students will be allowed to retrieve their confiscated cell phones, after their first offense only, by showing school I.D. or a driver’s license in the main office on Mondays after 2:15 p.m.

Parents will be allowed the retrieve their child’s cell phone after 2:30 p.m. on the same day it is confiscated or any day of the week during office hours thereafter.

Students also will be allowed to listen to electronic devices (e.g. ipods, mp3 players) during the school day, except during class time, unless with a teacher’s permission. Volume on the devices must be low enough that it does not disturb other students and so that the user can hear announcements or staff members talking to them.

Parents with questions about the new policy are invited to call the main office at 591-3240. — Rhonda Sanders

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