Candidates for township treasurer

Lisa R. Anderson

Lisa R. Anderson

All Democrats (vote for only one)


Tell voters in less than 200 words what you consider to be the most important issues facing your community and how you will address them, if elected:

Lisa R. Anderson

Age: 53

Hometown: Flint

Family: Married, Three (3) Adult Children, Two (2) Grandchildren

Occupation: Risk and Benefits Manager

Completed 35-year career with Flint Community Schools (FCS) in 2015

Political Experience: If elected, this will be my first public office. My previous experience includes participating in Board meetings, where I worked directly with a 9-member Board. Additionally, I served as President of the Congress of Flint School Administrators.

Donald E. Thompson

Donald E. Thompson

Education: Master of Business Administration – MBA, University of Michigan Flint. Concentration: Health Care Management. August, 2014. Master of Science, Central Michigan University. Concentration: Human Resources. August, 2001. Bachelor of Science. Concentration: Community Development/ Public Administration. December, 1998

RESPONSE: The two most important issues are financial stability and community safety. If elected, I would request the Board to take a review of all current contracts to ensure they are critical components for the Township. We need to review how and at what cost we are delivering services. It is critical to identify cost savings that may be redistributed to areas such as the Fire and Police Departments that keep our neighborhoods safe. Marsha Binelli (incumbent)

Did not respond by publication deadline

Donald E. Thompson

Age: 76

Hometown: Flint Township, 35 years

Occupation: Real Estate sales former Burger King franchisee

Political Experience: 15 years Planning Commission

Education: Associates degree in business

RESPONSE: I want to be part of a newly elected team that works for growth and prosperity in Flint Township. Security and protection of residents is foremost in my mind. We need to develop a job creating plan that keeps young people in the township.

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