Car detailing couple deserve kudos

I met two high school seniors recently. They provided car detailing services. Having not used them before, I was skeptical. But, wow!!! This boyfriend and girlfriend were a dynamic duo. They came to my house with all their tools, save water, which I gladly provided. They started at 3 p.m., and finished at 5:30 p.m. Their services included washing, waxing, window cleaning, carpet shampooing, wheel and tire cleaning and polishing and upholstery cleaning and conditioning.

My one caution when they began is that I would not accept any dried wax in the crevices. The young man agreed that such a result would be unacceptable. Total cost: $120. Worth more, but for now, as they learn their business, the price is theirs to set.

When I meet the upstanding citizens of tomorrow, I know it. They are courteous, nicely dressed, industrious and competent. When I meet the people who will drag society down, I recognize them by their lack of civility, their sloppy dress, their sloth and incompetence.

A functioning society, in which each of us can live happy and prosperous lives, requires certain attributes of its people. We must reward these upstanding citizens of tomorrow. We must praise them and pay them their well-earned fees…and maybe a bit more.

To those who appear headed toward unproductive lives, we need to help them see their errors. An instructive word to a young person can help right his course. Teachers can step into parental voids. Friends’ parents can identify children who need course correction and provide tutelage. These adults of tomorrow are the hope or the scourge of our society.

Granted, there will always be the juvenile delinquent who grows up to be a titan of industry, but the majority of these delinquents will clog our courts and prisons. Let’s help them become like the two young people I met recently. Upstanding citizens. — Ruth A. Riddle, Flushing