Carman-Ainsworth amends 2014-15 budget

FLINT TWP. — The Carman- Ainsworth School Board approved some major changes to the 2014-15 general fund budget at its meeting last week.

According to Russ Parks, assistant superintendent, reasons for those changes included:

• Student decrease of 112 students, equaling a decrease in revenue of $958,310

•Increase in the Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability (UAAL) retirement rate, equaling an increase in expenditures of $782,416

• Additional revenue from the State of Michigan to cover the UAAL increase rate, equaling an increase in revenue of $782,416

• Increase in at-risk revenue of $1,303,798

• Increase in at-risk expenditures of approximately $250,000

“We do a Budget Amendment each year after the Annual Audit of the previous year is presented,’’ said Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff. “It is at that point that we know our exact audited fund balance moving into the current budget, but is also a time when we know our official student count, which has a significant impact on our revenue for the current year. Having these items allows us to formally amend our budget from the June enrollment and carryover projections, to more exact values.”

Enrollment this year is 5,342, Parks said. The district budgeted to lose 100 students and amended the budget for an additional 112 student decrease.

Federal revenues remained unchanged but most expenditures increased because of the UAAL retirement rate increase, Parks said. Based on that, expenses for Business Services increased $34,832, for transportation $30,080 and for Central Services $65,994, he said.

Total revenues for 2014-15 is $52,558,736 and total expenditures are A few months went by and Kelly had put it out of his mind when the call came in.

His medal was presented in a special ceremony on October 29.

“They don’t hand them out to just anyone,’’ Kelly said of the medal, which he added also looks pretty spiffy when he wears his dress uniform. “It lets people know you did something cool,’’ he said.

His proud father thinks so too. Gatica, a Flint Township resident, served in the Marine Corps from 1987-91 and also was stationed for three years at Camp Pendleton as a Military Police Officer.

“Cole has made me so proud not just as a father but also as a Marine,” Gatica said. “He has achieved so much in such a short time. It is great to see him grow into the man I knew he could be. He is going to do well in life.” Gatica has another son who graduated from C-A in 2014 and another in eighth grade.

He added that Kelly is married to his high school sweetheart, Kaylee, and they have one son.

Besides his dad, Kelly follows a long line of Marines including uncles and cousins.

After “having my fair share of adventure,” Kelly said he would eventually like to return to Michigan if he can find a good job.

“I like California, but home is always home,’’ he said.

He’s set his sights on perhaps joining the Michigan State Police and plans to start searching out jobs in about a year. If nothing grabs him, he said he will probably re-enlist for another five years.

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