Carman-Ainsworth board joins opposition to state aid transfer

FLINT TWP. — Add the Carman- Ainsworth Board of Education to a growing list of school boards drafting resolutions opposing the transfer of school-aid funds to higher education, as proposed in the state budget.

A resolution unanimously approved by the school board at its Tuesday night meeting states in part that “the transfer of funds from the School Aid Fund to community colleges and institutions of higher education will debilitate the School Aid Fund and its ability to adequately fund public schools.”

The resolution noted a less than onepercent increase per year in school funding in the past decade; that Proposal A passed by voters in 1994 specifically earmarked increased sales tax revenues to fund public schools; and that higher education institutions have the option to increase tuition and fees to finance operations while school districts are prohibited from seeking additional operating funds.

Superintendent Bill Haley emphasized that passing the resolution is not intended as a knock against higher education institutions.

The board’s resolution will be forwarded to state education and legislative representatives. — Rhonda S. Sanders

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