Carman-Ainsworth broadens instrumental music classes

FLINT TWP. — Beginning the week of September 17, as part of the elementary general music experience, fifth grade students at Carman- Ainsworth Schools will have the opportunity to try band (wind) and orchestra (stringed) instruments. These instruments include flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, violin, viola and cello.

Orchestra is new for 5th graders this year. Beginning band and orchestra class for 5th graders is held during the school day.

“We encourage families to rent to own, borrow from a friend, or purchase their own instrument; however, there are a limited number of school owned instruments for student use.,” said Suzanne Miller, C-A music educator and coordinator, in a press release.

“All C-A 5th grade students should take the opportunity to try out instruments and decide what instrument is the best fit for them,” she said.

She cited research supporting the benefits of music education.

“Young children who take music lessons show different brain development and improved memory over the course of a year, compared to children who do not receive musical training,” according to Dr. Laurel Trainor, Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavior at McMaster University.

“Musically trained children performed better in a memory test that is correlated with general intelligence skills such as literacy, verbal memory, visuospatial processing, mathematics, and IQ,” she said.

Other research found that: “Students consistently involved in orchestra or band during their middle and high school years performed better in math at grade 12. The results were even more pronounced when comparing students from low-income families. Those who were involved in orchestra or band were more than twice as likely to perform at the highest levels in math as their peers who were not involved in music.”

To learn more about the benefits of music education visit schools/

C-A parents can contact their child’s elementary building for more information about music classes.

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