Carman-Ainsworth senior receives honors as young graduate

Aureonna Kirvan

Aureonna Kirvan

FLINT TWP. — When most 16-yearolds are still in the midst of their high school career, one Carman-Ainsworth High School student will be the youngest graduate in the Class of 2011. Senior Aureonna Kirvan, who will not only graduate in May from CAHS, recently received the Wade H. McCree Scholarship, earning her a full-ride to the University of Michigan.

Kirvan, who plans to study accounting at the University of Michigan to become a Certified Public Accountant, was officially recognized for her achievements by the Carman- Ainsworth Board of Education at its Jan. 11 meeting.

When it comes to academics, Kirvan has naturally excelled.

“I was accelerated in elementary school, and always the youngest in my class,” Kirvan said. “I’ve wanted to stay motivated and be accomplished.”

Throughout her academic life, Kirvan has received support and help from her family, particularly her mother Kim Green and Green’s mother and sisters.

“I want to give honor to God, and also recognize my mom and two sisters worked with her,” said Green of her family, who all worked in education. “Both of my children were reading before they entered kindergarten as well as myself. I was in the gifted and talent program in elementary and the school wanted to accelerate me three levels but my parents refused. I was in the fourth grade doing seventh grade work and found school to be boring. I was so bored that whenever the teacher would review the homework in the class I would announce to the class that I had the key, meaning I had all the correct answers. I did not want Aure to experience boredom and that is the main reason I took the teacher’s recommendation to accelerate her.”

Beginning when her daughter was young, Green said she would reinforce what the teachers taught in the classroom and when Kirvan was in the first grade, Green would help her get a jumpstart on the next grade level. Along with reinforcing classroom ideas, Green also gave her daughter real-life lessons.

“I’d tell her about life experiences, and tell her that’s why you need an education,” she said. “I teach my children that nothing in life is designed to be difficult. If you keep focused and self educate yourself you will always be ahead in life. My son (a first-grader at Dye Elementary) is reading at a second grade level and enjoys science and math.”

“As a parent it is paramount that you spend quality time with your children and explain that school is just like a job. You are expected to be on time, follow all rules and regulations and instead of getting paid you will graduate with honors. School is a preparation for the workforce so do well. A parent responsibility is not to pave the road for their children, but to provide a road map,” she said.

Green also wanted to extend her gratitude to the Carman-Ainsworth High School staff for “your vote of confidence.”

Along with receiving the scholarship, Kirvan did well on the Michigan Merit Exam, exempting her from the midterms exams this month. From her time at Genesee Early College, she has earned 12 college credits: six in English, three in art and three in psychology. Her time at Genesee Early College also has prepared Kirvan, who will live at home while she takes classes, for life as a Wolverine.

“I’m not nervous,” she said. “I started courses when I was 14. If you stay focused, you can complete your studies.”

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