Carpet options abound for floor-focused homeowners

Shopping for carpeting? It’s not simply a matter of going into the store and just choosing “carpet.” There are many different varieties of carpeting from which to select, each with its own unique characteristics. Depending on the room’s use and the homeowner’s needs, there could be a carpet that fits with what’s desired.

 Cut pile: This is one of the most popular types of carpeting. When most people think of carpet, this is what they envision. This carpeting is formed by cutting looped carpet fibers at the top with yarn bundles standing up vertically.

 Berber: Berber has thick, durable loops that are good in high-traffic areas. This carpeting limits footprints and vacuum marks. The downside is that loops can be snagged and unravel. Also, berber carpeting may trap in dirt.

 Level-loop: Similar to Berber but looser in weave is level-loop. It is also good in high-traffic areas and will not trap dirt as easily as berber.

 Cut and loop pile: This carpeting has a variation of secured loops and cut fibers for added texture. This will be a medium-durability carpet.

 Textured: Textured carpet has a soft feel and is one of the carpeting styles growing in popularity. These carpets may have embossed patterns and come in solid colors.

 Saxony: This soft carpet is medium durability and will show footprints and vacuum marks. Saxonies are tightly twisted cut piles that are heatset straight. Saxonies consist of two or more fibers twisted together in a yarn.

 Frieze: A highly twisted cut-pile carpet that is good in high-traffic areas. The short fibers curl in different directions to hide footprints.

 Plush: These carpets are lightly twisted, uniform-colored fibers that are soft and usually found in formal rooms. They will hold footprints and show vacuum marks.

Homeowners looking to revamp their rooms can turn to the versatility of carpeting for many of their needs.

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