Catch basins to be repaired

FLINT TWP. — Thanks to a mild winter, flooding was a bigger problem than snow removal in the township this year.

That has left money available for repairs to 18 catch basins in a project approved last week by the township board.

Supervisor Karyn Miller explained that none of $55,000 budgeted for snowplowing last year was used, as stipulated in a joint agreement with the Genesee County Road Commission and Curbco Inc. of Swartz Creek.

Under a three-year pilot program that expires next May, Curbco, a private contractor, is called in for snow removal, at the township’s discretion, after a specified amount of snowfall. That speeds up the street clearing process after a big storm when county road commission crews are tied up with major roads.

The contract calls for unused funds to be redirected to other uses.

The board voted previously to use part of f the credit balance for street improvements on Gilbert Street. That leaves a balance of about $38,000 to be used for catch basin repairs, Miller said.

Among basins targeted for repairs are one on Mackin Road in front of Northern High School; one on Corunna Road in front of Pro-Clean; three on Norko Drive; five on Exchange Drive; two on Wreckenridge Road; two on Old Colony; one on Boulder Drive and one on Stone Brook Lane.

Curbco will be contracted to do the work which includes marking public utilities for Miss Dig. The scope of the work includes saw cutting concrete and asphalt pavement; excavating concrete, curb, asphalt and soil; repairing rows of brick or block in the catch basins; back filling with crushed stone and compact; resetting existing frames and grates; forming and pouring curb and gutter or gutter pans; and asphalt and concrete repair up to six-inch depth.

Also the contract calls for Curbco to repair driveway concrete up to a four-inch depth; repair landscape such as replacing topsoil, seed and straw and to handle traffic control and remove all debris after the work is completed.

Needed repairs on the selected basins range from minor to major, according to the work proposal.

About $4000 from road millage funds would be allocated to help play for the work if it exceeds the estimated budget, Miller said.

She said that Fred Peivandi, lead engineer for the road commission, had approved reallocating the credit balance for the catch basin repairs.

Catch basins are part of a storm drain or sewer system designed to trap debris and prevent it from plugging sewage pipes. Even catch basins in good condition can become clogged with fallen leaves and grass clippings that prevent proper drainage and lead to flooded streets during heavy rains.

County Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright said in a meeting that nothing could have prevented severe flooding that occurred in the township in early May in what he called a 500-year rain event. The county’s storm drainage system is not built to handle that amount of storm water, he said.

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