Caucus offers discussion on gerrymandering

FLINT — A two-hour event on ending gerrymandering and lost votes will be hosted by the Genesee County Progressive Caucus on June 13, Room 1301, Mott College Tech Center, 1401 E. Court St.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., Mark Brewer, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party from 1995 to 2013, will discuss issues and lawsuits challenging gerrymandering. Affecting not only the U.S. Congress, but also the Michigan Legislature and local races, these convoluted districts are carved out to favor one party or the other and to disenfranchise individual voters. The democratic principle of one-person-one-vote is sabotaged when redistricting is carried out to favor any one party. The event kicks-off the Genesee County Progressive Caucus program of advocacy for better public education on the importance of non-partisan redistricting. This event is free to the public. Details: Call 810-659-3772. — G.G.

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