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The San Francisco Giants are World Champions of baseball for 2010. Did you know that of the eight playoff teams the San Francisco Giants spent the least amount of time in first place? Yes, a total of 37 days was all they spent on top of the National League West.

I personally loved the Giants’ ball club. The Giants have great pitching, make no mistake about that. What they didn’t have was a superstar at any position. Let’s look no further than the World Series MVP Edgar Renteria. He spent the majority of the season riding the pine for the Giants. Oh, and by the way, the Tigers appreciate Renteria and Aubrey Huff tearing it up for the Giants! Huff was a bust in September for the Tigers a year ago and Renteria was plain awful, period. Congratulations to the Giants, it was a 54-year wait to win a World Series! Are the Chicago Cubs next? I doubt it.

Duck race

The BCS rankings have a new number one team in the Oregon Ducks. Oregon knocked the Auburn Tigers out of the spot. The “quack attack” ripped up the USC Trojans last Saturday night. The Ducks offense is almost unstoppable unless they stop themselves with turnovers. The other race that is wide open is the Big Ten. Oh, how I hate Ohio State. The Hawkeyes, Spartans, and Bucky the Badgers all have just one loss. Who will come out the victor? Stay tuned. The Spartans had the race in sights until that ugly loss to the Hawkeyes last Saturday. What happened in Iowa City? What happened was the Spartans ran into an angry Iowa team which lost the week before to Wisconsin. Did anyone really believe MSU was going undefeated? I didn’t think so.

Knock, knock

Ford Field was rocking and the Detroit Lions did some knocking. They knocked Mr. McNabb around and even to the bench in the last two minutes. The McNabb benching was a curious one and a whole story in itself. Mike Shanahan has flipped his lid, I believe. Rex Grossman gives you a better chance to win? That is a gross overstatement and also just plain

gross. The Lions can open some NFL eyes with a victory on Sunday over the New York Jets. Beating the Jets would be a huge plane to land on Sunday. The Jets are a great defense and an upper echelon NFL football team. I can’t wait, personally. Stafford needs to play better than he did last week. He looked rusty and I don’t care if he threw four touchdowns or not.

Calvin Johnson played like a big time Pro Bowler against Washington. The

defense even looked like a NFL defense. Lions 20 and the Jets 16. Upset special!

The Minnesota Vikings are like the new soap opera. Randy Moss already let go after just four football games. Brett is a walking MASH unit. The coach Brad Childress is coaching on thin ice. Player coach relationships are also icy. Stay tuned. Love seeing the Cowboys losing. Jon Kitna hahahahhhaa. .

Another team, the San Diego Chargers, are cutting loose “Lights Out” Shawn Merriman. Merriman has spent more time turning out lights at the doctor’s office than running backs in the NFL. He is always injured yet wants top pay! Go figure. More andmore NFL teams are getting smarter and just releasing players rather than over paying.

The Detroit Pistons have yet to win a basketball game. They are 0-3 and RIP Hamilton sat out the Boston Celtics game. It’s time for the Pistons to cut loose the Rip Cord and set him free. Rip’s best hoop days are behind him. See ya next week.

My lock picks are on a two-week downer losing streak. Time to turn on the winning side this week. Roll’em

BUFFALO + 3 OVER Chicago
HOUSTON + 2.5 OVER San Diego
N.Orleans – 6.5 OVER CAROLINA
ATLANTA – 8 OVER Tampa Bay
SEATTLE + 6 OVER N.Y. Giants
OAKLAND – 3 OVER Kansas City
PHILLY – 3 OVER Indianapolis
CINCINATTI + 4.5 OVER Pittsburgh
LAST WEEK:7-6 SEASON: 62-49-6 LOCK: 5-3

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