Cherry faces opposition from Hoss for county treasurer seat



GENESEE COUNTY – Genesee County Treasurer Deborah Cherry (D) is being challenged in the Nov. 3 general election for her seat by Republican Deborah Hoss.

Cherry, of Burton, and Hoss, of Flint, will face off at the polls in the upcoming election. Here is what they had to say in response to our questionnaire:

Deborah Cherry, Age: 66

Education: Master’s degree in public administration, U of M-Flint

Accomplishments: Services for the Elderly Coordinator, Genesee County Commissioner, Michigan State Representative, Michigan State Senator and Genesee County Treasurer since 2010

Before elective office I worked in programs to help elderly live in their own homes. As an elected official I fought to fund schools, provide health care for our residents and ensure safety in our communities. As the County Treasurer, I sponsored a Foreclosure Prevention Program, supported Land Bank demolition of 4,720 vacant homes, and development of senior housing and Chevy Commons Park.

What are your goals for the community if elected? My first goal has always been to provide quality service to our citizens. If re-elected I will continue to assist those who are struggling to pay taxes so they can work on making payments without worrying about losing their home. During the COVID pandemic, safety to our taxpayers and staff has been a priority. To continue that priority, our office will be implementing appointment hours, making it easy for citizens to apply for foreclosure extensions and increasing methods for people to make payments. We have installed a drop box for payments and in January in addition to paying through our website, we will be able to offer payment through the phone.

I believe an elected official must do all she can to help continue to make Genesee County a strong and safe place for our families and residents to live. To that end, as Chair of the Genesee County Land Bank, I will identify funding for future demolitions and will work with staff to continue redevelopment of land. I will also continue to provide funding for land maintenance and clean up.

I ask for the support of the voters of Genesee County.

Deborah S Hoss, Age: 70

Education: Grand Blanc High School, Southern Bible College, Houston, TX

Accomplishments: I am a Christian and have loved to lead Praise & Worship and sing for special events.

I am blessed to be a mom and grandma. I love to work with people and serve others.

Most recently, I served on the County Board of Canvassers certifying our election.

What are your goals for the community if elected? Obviously, I will take very seriously the fact that voters would elect me to oversee the collection of taxes and the monies allocated to various departments in county government. In addition, I believe there is good cause to take a harder look at the Land Bank. They take over houses and property, fix it up with taxpayer dollars, sell it, and where does the money go? Not back to the taxpayer! I don’t want to use tax dollars to create positions, etc.