Chicken, blight ordinances under consideration

GRAND BLANC — The Grand Blanc City Council is expected to consider the merits of an ordinance that would allow residents to keep chickens.

The discussion follows a request from resident Kat Boss, who pointed out that the eggs provide a good source of protein amid meat shortages and rising grocery costs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boss provided information on regulations in place in cities such as Fenton, Burton, Lansing, Auburn Hills, and West Bloomfield, as well as nearby townships including Grand Blanc and Mundy.

The city’s Legal and Legislative Committee will meet with the city attorney next week and report back to the City Council at the July 22 meeting.

The City Council also is looking at shoring up its blight ordinance.

Currently, blight enforcement is complaint-driven and the procedures and fines have proven not to be sufficient for deterring violations, according to City Manager Wendy Jean-Buhrer.

The city attorney, building official and code enforcement officer are working on possible amendments to ordinances regarding blighted conditions, including mowing.

“We want people to mow their lawns but there’s no strong penalty against it,” Jean-Buhrer said. “That’s another ordinance we want to look at and add more of a penalty. Your neighbors want to enjoy their lawns and the use of their property, as well.”