Chief commends Collins over Gumby incident

— Chief of Police George Sippert publicly commended Melissa Collins, a communications operator at the Flint Township Police Department, for her ability to track down the suspect in an incident last Friday night regarding a man dressed as Gumby.

At the Oct. 18 Flint Township Board of Trustees meeting, Sippert told the board and audience about the incident and how Collins’ investigative abilities led to a resolution. According to Sippert, an individual, dressed in a Gumby costume and working for a Halloween store, was standing in the Best Buy parking lot on MIller Rd. and advertising for the store.

“A person walked up the individual, said ‘excuse me’ and when he turned around, the person kicked Gumby in the groin,” Sippert said. After the incident, the suspect fled the scene.

The assaulted individual subsequently made a police report with the Flint Township Police Department and when Communications Operator Melissa Collins was typing up the report, she decided to check and see if a video of the incident was on YouTube said Sippert.

“She searched it and found the entire incident on YouTube,” he said. “A vehicle parked on Miller Rd. taped it and it showed the suspect’s face completely.”

From there, Sippert said Collins found the suspect’s Facebook profile and discovered that the suspect lives in Owosso. The Flint Township Police Department notified the Owosso Police Department, which was dispatched to the suspect’s residence.

“He came in and confessed,” Sippert said. “We charged him with misdemeanor assault and battery.”

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