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The Big Chill hockey game between the Spartans and Wolverines took place last Saturday afternoon in the Big House. It was a huge success as 113,000 and some small change witnessed the event. That’s a world record for a hockey game, by the way. I know a few people who went to the event and all of them had nothing but good things to say. A couple of them said it was one of the coolest things they ever witnessed.

Michigan, by the way, came out victorious, 5-0, over their rivals from East Lansing, Michigan. If you squeeze the five and the zero together its the same number Rich Rod’s defense gave up all season long in the Big House. Michigan’s hockey team was the most exciting team to play in the Big House here in 2010. How darn sad is that?

Red in the face

A tremendous streak—and an embarrassing streak—all came to an end in the city of Detroit all in the same weekend. The embarrassing streak was the Lions (of course), who had lost 19 straight division games in the NFC North Division. Embarrassment is over as the Lions defeated the Packers, 7-3, at Ford Field. The Lions won a football game where their own quarterback, Drew Stanton, had a quarterback rating that would make Eric Hipple or Joey Harrington sick. Yes, it was a pathetic rating. The tight end Will Heller caught a touchdown pass for the only touchdown of the game. It was an ugly victory, but a victory is a victory, as they say.

The Detroit Lions will get two chances to end their road losing streak in the next two weeks. Could the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Miami Dolphins be victims? I highly doubt it, to be honest. The incredible feat of starting 297 games under center for the drama queen Brett Favre came to an end in the city of Detroit on Monday night. The Metrodome roof collapsing delayed Favre’s streak for around 30 hours, as the game was moved from Minnesota to Detroit. I rank Brett’s streak as the ultimate iron-man ever. The great number 4 started this run in 1992 and it took until 2010 to come to a close.

The rigors of a starting quarterback game-in and game-out are not even imaginable to us average “Joes.” Look

at our situation here in Detroit. Stafford nor Hill could last the whole season. What makes it even more fabulous is Brett played so many games on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Brett was a scrambler, never backing down from taking a hit in order to deliver a completion or an interception. He picked himself up time and time again from the turf. Hey, just imagine how much it hurts to land on a frozen field after getting blasted by the opposing defense! Ouuchh!

I have been on Favre the last three years because of his drama and off-field theatrics. I will never question his toughness or how much he loved playing the position as an NFL quarterback. He was the ultimate gamer and a winner. The best gunslinger ever in the NFL. How ironic would it be if his streak ended in Detroit and he plays his last game in Detroit on January 11?

Tarnished trophy?

Cam “The Scam$$” Newton is college football’s Heisman Trophy winner for the 2010 season. It was a landslide win for Newton. He just might get an endorsement from the Keebler cookie company. A new cookie is coming out called the “Fibnewton.” My question is, will his trophy end up being a Reggie Bush type deal? Hey, don’t rule it out! The runner up Andrew Luck might not have won the award, but he will be significantly richer than one Cam Newton. Andrew Luck is far the better NFL prospect than “Scam Newton.”

The NFL season is winding down and once again my picks are over the .500 mark. Lock pick is an outstanding 9-4-1.

SAN DIEGO – 8.5 over San Francisco
ST. LOUIS – pk over Kansas City
TENNESSEE – 1.5 over Houston
INDIANAPOLIS – 5 over Jacksonville
CAROLINA – 3 over Arizona
CINCINATTI – 1.5 over Cleveland
Buffalo + 5.5 over MIAMI
NEW YORK GIANTS – 3 over Philadelphia
DALLAS – 6 over Washington
TAMPA BAY – 6 over Detroit
BALTIMORE – 2 over New Orleans
SEATTLE + 6.5 over Atlanta
PITTSBURGH – 6 over New York Jets
OAKLAND – 6.5 over Denver
NEW ENGLAND – 7 over Green Bay
Chicago – pk over MINNESOTA
LAST WEEK: 7-7-1 SEASON : 104-93-11 LOCK: 9-4-1

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