Chip Cheezum will game for 24 hours starting at 11 am Sunday to support kids at Hurley Children’s Hospital

Watch it live on Donate at

FLINT –  EXTRA LIFE is a grass roots fundraising program sponsored by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to save local kids through the power of play. 

From console to lawn games EXTRA LIFE gamers are known for doing what they do best: helping sick and injured kids at their chosen Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. THAT’S exactly what one special gamer has decided to do for the young patients at Hurley Children’s Hospital. 

Gamer “Chip Cheezum” was first touched by the stories coming out of Flint during the water crisis in 2016.  He knew people of all ages were being impacted but he cared especially about the kids. So he decided to do something about it. 
At that time, Chip, was an associate video editor and his mom an employee at Hurley. Chip and his friends General Ironicus, VoidBurger, and Snugglebeast decided to game for Flint. Thanks to their efforts and the supporters who followed their gaming as they streamed, they raised $28,390. “We were shocked by how much money our fans helped us raise this year, and we’re hoping to raise even more for Hurley Children’s Hospital next year,” Chip said. 

He vowed to do more and last year his team raised $31,605.

Chip is all set to do it again starting this Sunday, September 2nd at 11am (EST) and playing for 24 hours straight.  Watch it live on Donate at

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