“Choices in Education” timely information

I want to commend the View Newspaper Group for running the “Choices in Education” section in the Flushing View and other area VNG papers. Although this was positioned for educational institution advertising, it contained some excellent pieces on extracurricular activities, guarding against overextension, and most importantly, saving for college, and the importance of homework. These are great pieces not only for prospective students, but certainly for their parents as well. Given the student debt problem we face in the U.S., with nearly $1.4 trillion in aggregate student debt, this is very timely information.

As a retired college dean and current university adjunct professor, I have dealt with these issues for over 30 years, and continue to do so. These are important issues, and the efforts of the VNG to provide information on these topics is commendable.

Thank you for your efforts to be relevant, connected and committed to the communities in which you publish.

Dr. John Cote, Ph.D.