2013 Dodge Durango

2013 Dodge Durango

It’s summertime and the production line is jumpin’ – at least at U.S. Chrysler assembly plants. The Auburn Hills-based automaker produced more than 29,000 cars last month, exceeding June 2012’s total by 20 percent.

Year-to-date gains were more robust for Chrysler cars flying out of factory doors. Since January, the company has turned out 192,420 cars, a 30 percent surge compared with the first six months of 2012. Sales have been particularly perky this month for the Dodge Avenger and the Chrysler 200 (up 37 percent and 16 percent, respectively, compared with June of last year).

In U.S. truck production, the biggest increase was in the Dodge Durango threerow mid- size SUV. Durango production surged 40 percent last month with 6,398 units rolling out of plants compared with 3,865 units in June 2012.

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