Church evacuated after Sunday bomb threat

MUNDY TOWNSHIP — Pastor Jeff Lambert had just finished praying that the day go well he received news of a bomb threat.

“We were getting cameras ready to stream our service online, getting the musicians in place; we were full speed ahead,” said Lambert. “And we immediately went into shut-downand get-out mode.”

The threat, called in to an answering service early Sunday morning, was made against Sharp Funeral Homes.

The caller did not specify which of the four Sharp locations was targeted, so police with bomb-sniffing K9s went through all of the buildings, including the church, which is serving a temporary site while the Swartz Creek funeral home is under construction.

Sharp also has locations in Grand Blanc Township, Fenton and Linden.

The threat turned out to be a hoax, and investigators have yet to develop a suspect, according to the Metro Police Authority.

Funeral home owner Roger Sharp said he believed the threat to be bogus, but alerted authorities to be on the safe side.

“They responded expeditiously,” Sharp said.

Lambert also wasn’t taking any chances.

“About 45 minutes before our service was scheduled to start, an officer came in and asked if he could talk to me privately,” Lambert said. “He informed me there was a bomb threat…

“At that point, as we talked about it, we know that 999 times out of 1,000 it’s bogus, but there’s always that chance. So, for the safety of our people we had to err on the side of caution, play it safe, and evacuate our building. From my perspective, we had a building full of kids and families, so it was a scenario where we couldn’t take that risk.”

Lambert said he was able to stream a copy of an old service so the parishioners who were watching at home could still attend service online.

Sharp, meanwhile, is looking forward to the grand re-opening of his Swartz Creek funeral home in about a month. Carpet is scheduled for installation next week, and everything is going smoothly despite the weather.