Church in need!

FLINT— Lincoln Park United Methodist Church, a local church with an impressive track record of feeding the hungry, is asking for your help to keep their ministry alive through the summer months.

Located on the south side of Flint, Lincoln Park United Methodist Church has been the host of the South Flint Soup Kitchen since January of 2011. When the soup kitchen opened, they served an average of 20-25 meals per day. Today that number has risen to nearly 150 meals per day. In addition to the soup kitchen, the church is also a designated water distribution center for victims of the Flint Water Crisis. They also serve as a resource center for low-income residents of the community, directing them to help paying energy bills and providing lawn-mowing services to abandoned properties, among other services.

The church has been undergoing a membership renovation, but due to the economic climate of the area, financial needs have not yet been met fully. That is why they are reaching out to the city, the state, the country, and the world in order to preserve the ministry which has already helped thousands in their community. The church has set up an online fundraiser on aimed at providing for operating costs in order to allow them to continue their ministry while the congregation continues to grow. For more information, or to donate, visit flint-one-donation-at-a-time.

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