Citizens Bank hosts open houses to mark 140 year anniversary

FLINT — Citizens Bank is welcoming its customers and the general public to enjoy an open house on May 2. The event is in recognition of 140 years of business.

Citizens Bank, one of the top community banks in the nation, was originally called Citizen Commercial and Savings Bank. It was started in 1871 in Flint. “During that time, Citizens Bank played a key role in the development of the auto industry,” according to Brian Smith, a spokesman for the bank.

“One of the original founders, W.C. Durant, acknowledged a loan he and his partner, J. Dallas Dort, received from Citizens Bank, enabled him to begin his vehicle manufacturing career.

“Nearly a century and a half later, Citizens Bank remains a strong financial pillar,” said Smith.

This anniversary marks a very momentous occasion for Citizens Bank,” said Dave Stickel, Flint community president of Citizens Bank.

“Over the last 140 years our local communities have experienced great advancements and have faced some significant challenges as well. Looking back at the great inventions and technology that developed over the last 140 years, it has been an incredible period of time on so many levels,” said the proud president.

Stickel said, “Citizens is very proud to have grown and developed with the ages, but more importantly to have maintained that connection with our clients and local communities who we serve every day.”

“We look forward to the next 140 years of serving our clients,” said Stickel.

Refreshments will be served at all bank locations on Monday.

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