City council approves appoints to boards and committees

DAVISON — The Davison City Council, with its three new members seated Dec. 14, approved a series of appointments to various city boards and committees.

With the addition of new council members Stacey Kalisz, Casey Clark and Jamie Stebbins, replacing former councilmembers Ben Callis, Jacqui McKeller and Leigh LaForest, the council made a series of appointments to fill positions on many of the city’s government bodies.

The following is a list of those appointments:

Planning Commission – 3-year term: Brandon Abraham

Zoning Board of Appeals – 3-year term: Chris Hinkley

Board of Review – 4-year term: Bob Beckelic

Compensation Commission – 5-year term: Barb Arsenault and Chris Stritmatter

Davison Area Library Board – 3-year term: Jessica Abraham and Alice Wallberg

Davison Fire Authority – 3-year term: Andrea Schroeder

Senior Citizens Authority – 3-year term: Barb Arsenault and Jacqui McKellar

DCER Tri-Unit Board — Tim Bishop

DCER Advisory Board — Connie Hill

Genesee County Water and Waste — Ed Brown

Genesee County Surface Water — Ed Brown

Metropolitan Alliance — Tim Bishop

Small Cities Association — Tim Bishop

Legislative Coordinator — Andrea Schroeder

Genesee County Communications — Donny Harris

Personnel Committee — Tim Bishop, Ron Emery and Casey Clark

Policy Committee — Chris Hinkley, Jessica Abraham and Jamie Stebbins

Finance Committee — Ron Emery, Casey Clark and Jamie Stebbins