Flint Township View

City Council approves downtown parking lot repaving project

FLUSHING — Flushing City Council is moving forward with plans to repave one of downtown Flushing’s busiest parking lots.

At Monday’s meeting, Flushing City Council authorized a service agreement with ROWE Professional Services Company to provide design engineering and oversight for a project on the city’s downtown south parking lot, which is bounded by Mill Street, Maple Street and Cherry Street. The project will consist of pulverizing/milling existing asphalt, regrading and removing excess material, repaving and restriping the entire parking lot.

A construction estimate for the repaving project is projected to be between $110,000 and $130,000. ROWE engineering and design fee will be $11,800. $155,000 has been allocated for the project in the city’s 2020/2021 fiscal year budget.

If bids for the project are awarded by September, ROWE could begin work on the parking lot this fall. — B.G.